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Art For Change

Switzerland for UNHCR, in collaboration with EverdreamSoft and PanpanCucul, is launching Art for Change - an annual donation subscription program. This innovative approach offers an alternative way to donate, providing critical assistance to support forcibly displaced people. Subscribers will receive an exclusive digital collectible on Klaytn blockchain each month.

Donate and get back

Art for Change is a yearly donation subscription program by Switzerland for UNHCR and EverdreamSoft, in order to plan more efficiently the support of 120 million people forced to flee around the world. By joining this unique initiative, you not only contribute to an innovative fundraising effort but also receive an exclusive digital collectible from Swiss artist PanpanCucul. This collectible will be automatically deposited into a Klaytn wallet created just for you. When you're ready, you can easily transfer it to your Polygon wallet.

Each month, donors will receive a unique digital collectible representing a country highlighted in the report “The Implications of Underfunding UNHCR's Activities.” These collectibles serve as a monthly reminder of the diverse challenges faced in underfunded regions and the impact of your support.

By subscribing to Art for Change you guarantee a regular and unearmarked income for one year, enabling UNHCR to plan longer term and support their most underfunded crises. Your subscription will help provide vital solutions such as shelter, essential items, but also access to education or to support the integration of people forced to flee in their host communities.

Art For Change Package

How it Works

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Receive your exclusive monthly digital collectibles

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Donation Plans*

1 month

By subscribing monthly you help UNHCR plan the support of those most in need for one month.

$35 / month
Each month, you'll receive :
  • An exclusive digital collectible.
  • A briefing on the underfunded country of concern.

35 USD can cover the cost of a school uniform for a refugee child in Rwanda.

6 months

By subscribing for 6 months you help UNHCR plan the support of those most in need for the first half of the year.

$210 / 6 months
Each month, you'll receive :
  • An exclusive digital collectible.
  • A briefing on the underfunded country of concern.

111 USD can provide a kit of core relief items such as blankets, jerry-can, bucket, mosquito net, and kitchen set to a family in Mozambique.

12 months

The Full Collection!

By subscribing for the entire program you help plan in advance for a year, enabling UNHCR to provide for both existing and underfunded as well as new emerging crises.

$420 / year
Each month, you'll receive :
  • An exclusive digital collectible.*
  • A briefing on the underfunded country of concern.
  • EXCLUSIVE: An extra digital collectible representing a 13th country.

385 USD can provide a fuel-based heating appliance to help a family in Ukraine keep their home warm.

*Late subscription? No worries! In your first month, you'll receive that month's collectible plus any missed ones since May 2024. From the next month, you'll get one collectible per month like everyone else, totaling 13 digital collectibles.
*The donations made to Art for Change do not qualify for tax deductions as subscribers receive a digital collectible in exchange for their contributions. We recommend consulting with a tax advisor to understand how this applies to your specific tax situation.

Discover Previous Digital Collectibles

Explore the captivating world of PanpanCucul's creations. Each digital collectible is a unique masterpiece, shedding light on the most underfunded countries under UNHCR's mandate. Let's not let them be forgotten!

Witness the beauty and creativity that have already touched the hearts of our subscribers, and imagine the exclusive pieces you could receive by joining Art for Change. Your journey through this gallery is not just about appreciating art—it's about becoming a part of a movement that makes a real difference in the lives of millions.

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We're Here to Help: If you have any questions, need more information, or want to share your thoughts about Art for Change, we'd love to hear from you. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the support you need.

Please feel free to reach out to us through the form below. We'll get back to you as soon as possible. Your interest and support are what drive this initiative forward.